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Post Mortem
WriterDustin Lee Abraham
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original AirdateNovember 9, 2006
Previous Episode: Burn Out
Next Episode: Happenstance

Post Mortem is the seventh episode of seventh season in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


When an elderly woman is murdered, the CSIs look to the neighbor and nephew as possible suspects. Mid-investigation, Grissom receives an exact miniature replica of the current crime scene, changing his thinking on the crime.

Meanwhile, Greg faces an angry courtroom when he attends a hearing to ascertain his culpability in the death of a teenager he accidentally killed while defending himself against a mob.

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Roles Edit

Guest Stars Edit

  • DJ Qualls as Henry Briney
  • Jim Beaver as Stanley Tanner
  • Randall Arney as Judge Clayton Trueblood
  • David Clayton Rogers as Bruce Ortolani
  • Kenneth Choi as Jason Tua
  • Michael Bofshever as Coroner Patrick Athens
  • Juliana Bellinger as Penny Garden
  • Omar Leyva as Vasco Ruiz
  • Jana Kramer as Girl (uncredited)


  • The title of this episode means "after death," can refer to both cases. The miniature crime scene arrived after the death of the victim, as opposed to the previous crime and the inquest was about and held after the death of Demetrius James.
  • The event that Greg's trial relates to is from the earlier Season 7 episode "Fannysmackin'."


  • When the woman first falls through the glass, she obviously breaks it all, toward the bottom of the window. Then her position changes and there is cracked glass in place. We then see several more shots of the dead woman, none of which have matching blood spatter or position of her body.
  • When Greg is asked to read the transcript of his radio report of the incident, it's not pointed out that dispatch advised Greg to wait for backup. Since departmental policy was called into question, this might have been a relevant point.


Greg (to Sofia): This isn't a trial, it's a circus.
Sofia: Yeah, starring the mother.
Greg: I feel like I should say something?
Sofia: Like what?
Greg: I don't know.
Sofia: Sorry? You're gonna apologize to the mother of a guy who beat one man to death and was tryin' to do the same to you? That's as good as saying you're guilty and setting yourself up for one hell of a civil suit besides. You did nothing wrong.
Greg: I just wanna be able to sleep again.
Sofia: We put ourselves in harms way every single day and sometimes we pay one hell of a price for surviving it. Other people will never understand that.

(While Grissom is studying the miniature crime scene when Hodges enters the room)
Hodges (to Grissom): I know that look. You just figured something out. (looks in the mini replica) This is much better than the dead rock star kitchen. The whole al fresco thing. Come on, share, please?
Grissom: Look carefully at the back of the doll and the pillow on the back of the chair. There appears to be remnants of glue on both.
Hodges: So the doll was originally glued to the back of the chair.
Grissom: I think that the killer expected the victim to die in this chair.
Hodges: Well, if that's the case how did the killer expect to...kill her?

(During Greg's court hearing)
Juror (to Doc Robbins): So this was a death at the hands of another?
Doc Robbins: Yes.
Juror: And what do you call that kind of death?
Doc Robbins (sighs and pauses): A homicide. (looks over at Greg)

Valerie Nichols (after the jury ruled the case excusable): Excusable. You see, excusable is a lawful act with no intention to kill. Justifable means that the action was the only alternative. That's what they should have found.
Greg: It's okay. I think they may have it right.

Featured MusicEdit

  • Lollipop by The Chordettes.

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