Personal Foul

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Personal Foul
WriterTrey Callaway
DirectorDavid Von Ancken
Original AirdateMay 7, 2008

Personal Foul is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season of CSI: NY.


CSI investigates the poisoning death of a fan at a basketball game, moments after making a million-dollar half-court shot. Meanwhile, the taxicab killer strikes again, and the team finds more clues about the killer's identity.


The first scene shows the Cabbie Killer who has struck again, and the team finds more clues about the killer's identity. Mac, Stella and Sheldon find the victim disposed at a public fountain. The Cabbie Killer's ultimate fate will be revealed in the next episode "Taxi". Don and Danny are at a basketball game. At half time, there is a lucky draw and Dugan Scott gets a chance to make a half-court shot that could win him a million dollars. Don bets $50 with Danny that Scott won't make the basket but Danny ends up winning the bet. Scott suddenly faints after making the shot but paramedics are unable to revive him. Danny notices rashes along the victim's mouth and other signs of poisoning. Sid determines that victim "succumbed quickly and painfully" to atropine poisoning. Since Scott died on the court in the presence of hundreds of people, Danny and Lindsay have a tough act to follow with such a huge suspect pool.

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