Pay Up

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Pay Up
Pay Up
WriterAnthony E. Zuiker
DirectorRob Bailey
Original Airdate14 May, 2009

Pay Up is the twenty-fifth and final episode of the fifth season of CSI: NY.


A group of violent kidnappers capture Robert Dunbrook's son just before he is scheduled to testify against his father to a grand jury, and the CSI team is rocked by a tragedy.


Angell is on a gurney being rushed to the ER by nurses, while Flack runs by her side for as long as he can. He stops and watches horrified as they go off into the ER.

Meanwhile back at the scene, Mac has found her pool of blood left behind and Stella walks up to the scene, vouching that Angell will pull through the attack. Mac finds a 9 mil standard issue bullet and empty clip. Stella also finds a 50 calibre hollow point bullets along with some 45's. Mac notes the incident was intense. Lindsay and Sheldonshow up and Lindsay tells them that all witnesses reported that after the truck came in, two men dressed in black get out and two others follow them inside. Sheldon adds that two opened fire and the other to took Connor Dunbrook hostage. Lindsay states they fled in a black hummer with no plate number waiting outside. Sheldon says they have officers looking for the car as they speak. Mac and Stella suspect that since Connor was due to testify against his father, Robert Dunbrook has the motive and the transfer was the only opportunity. Mac says they need something that connects Dunbrook to the gunmen. Robert Dunbrook shows up at the diner demanding he speak with Mac. After Mac goes out into the street to speak to him, he makes a scene with Mac about the incident. During the argument, Mac speculates his probable involvement and Robert Dunbrook is outraged at the accusation. However a cell phone call interrupts. Mac asks Stella to pursue a warrant to track his movement. Lindsay and Sheldon meanwhile handle evidence. Sheldon dusts for fingerprints in the truck and finds a fibre on the pedal. Lindsay photographs the scene and also finds a bullet in the wall. They use a laser and spray to determine bullet trajectory from the shooter. Sheldon finds a small cylindrical object and notices blood splatter from the shooter from when Angell had fired back with her own gun.

At the hospital, Angell is on the table having bullets removed whilst Flack waits anxiously outside. Danny arrives at the hospital and silently awaits word from Flack. Flack tells him she's dead before he breaks down in tears. Danny is also distressed by the news of losing a fellow officer and punches the wall in frustration.

There is a gathering of officers at the scene at the diner where Mac announces Angell's death and speaks of her integrity as a cop. Mac wants everything done to find her killer. Danny steps away for a phone-call. After the meeting ends, Danny tells Mac that the hummer the killers escaped in was found abandoned.

Flack is still at the side of Angell's body where Sid comes in and is sorry for his loss. Flack is distraught at the thought of her having to be autopsied. After he leaves, Sid too seems to be bothered by this.

Later, Adam is busy placing a tracker under Robert Dunbrook's car. Robert Dunbrook has left his meeting early and almost catches Adam. Stella honks her car horn as a temporary distraction for Adam to slide under another car until Robert Dunbrook drives away.

Mac and Danny check out the hummer. Flack shows up, stating he needs to be there. They discover the hummer is completely bulletproof, with ballistic steel panels in the doors and bulletproof walls. Mac claims the killers were high end military spics. Some blood on the car seats again suggests at least one of them were shot by Angell. Mac then finds a pouch of white artificial blood which he states has 50% more oxygen than regular blood and that it is commonly used for trauma situations in the military. Mac assesses they are dealing with professional from the military.

Back at the lab, Lindsay is steaming the cylinders for prints but doesn't find any. She however determines that Angell was shot by a 50 calibre desert eagle. Sheldon tells her his blood sample from the splatter didn't match anything in the system and that the fibre turned out to be bat hair. He adds the hair did have a white powdery substance on it which turned out to be geomyces fungus, which is killing bats all over NY by causing white nose syndrome. They think it might help them locate the killers.

Adam and Stella are meanwhile monitoring Robert Dunbrook's movement. His visits to his lawyer, bank and apartment leads Stella to suspect he's heading to the airport to flee.

Mac, Danny and Flack show up at the airport hangar. The tracker device lets them overhear a ransom over Connor Dunbrook going on between Robert Dunbrook and the killers. Flack calls for back up. They make plans to go in when a shooter on the roof opens fire with a sniper. A shoot-out between the CSIs and the shooter on the roof begins but lasts long enough that the Connor Dunbrook's kidnappers escape by the time they make it inside the hangar.

At Mac's office, Mac watches the ransom video and tells Robert Dunbrook he believes that is son is still alive. Robert Dunbrook says he had analysts check the video for clues but found none. Mac states otherwise after catching one of the killer's fingerprints on the video footage.

Sheldon runs the fingerprint and finds a match to a Simon Cade, a former shield ops guard who stationed in Iraq and tied to some manslaughter charges. Mac wants his and his associates faces sent to the media to keep everyone on the lookout. Flack attends Angell's memorial and returns her badge to her father about her, Cliff, a retired cop. Flack vows to find the killers.

Various tabloids and police units are spreading around town but the killers still haven't been seen. Flack is heading to a meeting when someone bumps into Flack insisting he take their newspaper. Flack soon realizes its Terrence Davis who has figured out what happened and claims he has some info relating to an Italian guy known as Crazy Tony who was at a club bragging about padding the hummer. Terrence soon leaves. Flack finds he has written the location of Crazy Tony in the newspaper and makes a call.

Mac, Danny and Flack bust the chop shop and find Crazy Tony in the group of mechanics using a mugshot photo. Flack threatens to have him arrested for stolen car parts unless he talks. Crazy Tony tells them he fixed up the hummer and confirms that Simon Cade was one of them. Danny finds the wheels from the hummer were left there. At the lab, Lindsay and Danny knock the wheels for sediment residues in the wheel tracks.

The other CSIs are trying to pinpoint their location. Sheldon has the spread for the location of dead bats suffering from white nose syndrome. Flack says they already have police units there as well. Mac remembers the dry wall in the ransom video. Lindsay comes in and tells them the residues from the wheels show traces of aluminium oxide and chlorinated rubber paint, which used on bridges and ships. Stella adds that aluminium oxide is used in sandblasting. Lindsay has found a company who is still using it and who is also building a bridge in NY. She says since the sediment in the tires was layered it means they drove back and forth under it several times; it is likely the killers have Connor up there somewhere. Danny has found a building by the bridge where dead bats were found that used to be an army base.

Mac and the team head in and Sheldon stands out to be an extra doctor for casualties. After some shooting between the police and the killers, Mac is able to find and rescue Connor Dunbrook. Meanwhile, Flack pursues the last assailant who is wounded. Flack corners him and upon seeing his desert eagle gun and the patched wound, he realizes this shooter is Angell's killer. Flack fires a final shot. Danny comes in to make sure everything is okay. Flack says he's fine and walks off. That night, Mac and Stella talk before she leaves to join everyone at the bar. Mac goes into his office where Robert Dunbrook visits him. He intends to print a good headline about Angell although he doesn't want Mac to take it to heart as he will pull out all stops during the upcoming court case about his fraud and embezzlement charges. He warns Mac to "be safe" before leaving. Mac stares on. The CSIs have a get together down at the bar to commemorate Angell with some good memories. Mac eventually joins them and Stella begins a toast to Angell when a mysterious silver BMW drives by outside and opens fire on the bar ...

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