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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Paul Kimball
Gender Male
Family Unnamed ex-wife
Unnamed children
CityLas Vegas
Occupation LVPD Detective
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Peter Onorati
First Appearance Homecoming
Paul Kimball was a corrupt detective with the LVPD in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He was one of several cops working for Jeffrey McKeen and appeared in the season twelve finale and the season thirteen premiere.


Not much is revealed about Kimball other than that he is divorced and has children whom he apparently lost custody of in the process.

Season Twelve


Kimball is apparently the one on McKeen's payroll who kidnaps Russell's daughter, Kaitlyn, after which he holds her captive in the back room of a club.

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Season Thirteen

Karma to Burn

In the second part, Kimball, still holding Kaitlyn captive, is forced on the run when he is identified as one of the kidnappers. He goes to a safehouse for McKeen's police associates and kills the ones there. As he is held at gunpoint by Brass and the other, he is unwilling to "rat" on anyone and tries to kill himself, but is shot and wounded by Brass and arrested.

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Known Victims

  • 2012:
    • May 9: The drug rip-off (three fatalities; tried to frame Jack Gilmore for the crime):
      • Alonso Seal (shot once in the head)
      • Donny Price (shot once in the knee and head)
      • Veronica Gilmore (Jack Gilmore's wife; bludgeoned with an aluminum baseball bat 54 times)
    • May 10-11:
      • Kaitlyn Russell (abducted and held hostage; targeted to die, but saved her)
      • Julie Finlay (abducted by Michael Crenshaw and held hostage; was rescued)
    • May 11: The house massacre (three fatalities; all shot in the chest):
      • Earl Whitson
      • Dave Beck
      • Dennis Melky


  • Was credited as "Luke Kimball" in official releases and the credits, but is consistently referred to as "Paul Kimball" during the episodes.