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Paper or Plastic
WriterNaren Shankar
DirectorKenneth Fink
Original AirdateFebruary 12, 2004

Paper or Plastic is the fourteenth episode of season four of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


The entire team investigates when a robbery at a grocery store turns into a shootout and mass murder, leaving five people dead, one of which is a police officer. The evidence leads Grissom to doubt the story of the other police officer at the scene.

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Roles Edit

Guest Stars Edit

  • David Andrews as David Fromansky
  • Jamie Anne Allman as Celeste Turner
  • Michael Landes as Trent Reed
  • Tim Kelleher as IAB Officer
  • Steve Cell as Todd Hallickey
  • Derk Cheetwood as Officer Clay
  • Jimmy Bennett as Henry Turner
  • Nichole Lennstrom as Cocktail Waitress Julia Reed
  • Michael Earl Reid as Gambler Rufus Sanders

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