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|image=[[Image:Outside Man.jpg|280px]]
|image=[[Image:Outside Man.jpg|280px]]
|writer=Timothy J. Lea
|writer=Timothy J. Lea
|director=Rob Bailey
|director=Rob Bailey
|date=November 10, 2004
|date=November 10, 2004
|previous=[[A Man a Mile]]
|previous=[[A Man a Mile]]
|next=[[Rain]]}}'''Outside Man''' is the seventh episode in season 1 of {{NY}}.
'''Outside Man''' is the sixth episode in season 1 of {{NY}}.

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Outside Man
Outside Man
WriterTimothy J. Lea
DirectorRob Bailey
Original AirdateNovember 10, 2004
Previous Episode: A Man a Mile
Next Episode: Rain

Outside Man is the sixth episode in season 1 of CSI: NY.


A deadly robbery at a fast food restaurant leaves two survivors. A man dies after having his leg removed when there was not a medical reason for the amputation.

Main Cast

Guest Stars

  • Michael B. Silver as EMT
  • Greg Davis, Jr. as Terrell Davenport
  • De'Angelo Wilson as Lamar Adams
  • David Barrera as Jose Figueroa
  • Laurence N. Kaldor as Frank Hertzberg
  • Jacob Vargas as Luis Torres
  • Denice J. Sealy as Raquel Trinidad
  • Sean Shanks as Jared Perkins
  • Kristen Shaw as Deirdre Hertzberg
  • Paul Perri as Joe Garford
  • Patrick Bauchau as Dr. Willems
  • Leticia Castillo as Octavia Figueroa


  • This episode received a Golden Reel nomination for the "Best Dialogue and Automated Dialogue Replacement for the Short Form" category.
  • Danny is second grade in the promotion grid and leads a case.


  • "Senseless" by Kenny Inglis.
  • "Word Up" by Gun.


Danny: Criminals are like animals. You leave tracks. We follow them.

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