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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Andy Akers
Gender Male
CityLas Vegas
Occupation LVPD Officer
Status Alive
Portrayed By Larry Sullivan
Andy Akers is an officer with the LVPD in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He often clears scenes for CSI.

On the JobEdit

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 In Season 9, Episode 19 'The Descent of Man', Andy, who was the first responding officer to Catherine and Greg's crime scene, accidentally got exposed to a toxic chemical and had a heart attack but was saved by Raymond Langston.


Season Three

In 'A Little Murder', Akers was the first responding officer to a home invasion and a dead body was found. He introduced himself to Catherine Willows and explains he was having chilli when he responded and when he got a little sick, Catherine sends him out for fresh air. When a suspect was discovered in the room and attacked Catherine into pushing her into the victim's blood, he attempts to catch the suspect but he got away and Warrick Brown soon scowlds him for not clearing a scene and leaving Catherine alone like how an officer left a CSI to the same mistake but Catherine takes the blame for him.


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