Nothing to Lose

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Nothing to Lose
Nothing to Lose
WriterElizabeth Devine
DirectorKaren Gaviola
Original AirdateFebruary 21, 2005
Previous Episode: Identity
Next Episode: Money Plane

Nothing to Lose is the sixteenth episode of season 3 of CSI: Miami.


Evidence leads the CSIs to believe that someone started a massive fire in the Everglades in order to cover up a murder. Local prisoners are brought in as free manpower to help fight the wild fire in the Everglades. However, when a serial killer, Todd Kendrick escapes the scene, Horatio must track him down before he strikes again. But things go from bad to worse when Kendrick kidnaps Alexx and forces him to treat her at gunpoint, forcing Horatio to find her before it's too late. Meanwhile, the body of a local college student is found shot to death and the fire has destroyed the crime scene and the evidence. However, when the team uncovers an illegal moonshine operation and homemade ammunition in the vicinity, the CSIs uncover the real reason why the boy was out there.

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  • On the Region 2 DVD, the episode was divided into two separate parts: Part 1 and 2.
  • Jeffrey Donovan who plays the serial killer, Todd Kendrick would later go on to appear in "Burn Notice" as the burned spy, Michael Westen.

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