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Nine Thirteen
WriterDavid Fallon,
Pam Veasey
DirectorPam Veasey
Original AirdateJanuary 18, 2013
Previous Episode: Civilized Lies
Next Episode: White Gold

Nine Thirteen is the thirteenth episode in the ninth season of CSI: NY.


The CSIs investigate when a masked man is found at the bottom of a notorious skyscraper known for its history of mysterious deaths. Meanwhile, on her day off, Jo runs into a stranger with a surprising link to her past.

Plot Edit

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Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Natalie Martinez as Jamie Lovato
  • Johann Urb as Grant Holliston
  • Laura Vandervoort as Macy Sullivan
  • Robert Baker as Calvin George
  • Andy T. Tran as Thug
  • Moneer Yaqubi as Alex Henley
  • Daniel Theodore as Gabe Breslin

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