Night, Mother

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Night, Mother
Night, Mother
WriterJanet Tamaro
DirectorDaren Serafian
Original AirdateDecember 15, 2004
Previous Episode: Officer Blue
Next Episode: Tri-Borough

Night, Mother is the tenth episode in season one of CSI: NY.


A game of one-on-one is interrupted by the discovery of a woman covered in blood leaning over the body of another woman who has had a stake driven through her heart. Danny and Aiden investigate the brutal murder of a pickpocket whose identity they track down using information on an experimental medical trial.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Grant Albrecht as Dr. Leonard Giles
  • Craig Baxley Jr. as Lenny Cook
  • Michael Irby as Eduardo
  • Scott Valentine as Dr. Steven Rydell
  • Bradley Stryker as Jason Walder
  • Ranjani Brow as Rachel Camden
  • Sidney Faison as Dwayne Meade
  • Carmen Plumb as Sunshine
  • Jamie Burton-Oare as Angela
  • Heather Kafka as Ophelia Dichiara
  • Nicholas Pratley as Ryan Mallone
  • Heath Castor as Officer
  • Corin Nemec as Todd Camden

Episode TitleEdit

Night, Mother is a play by Marsha Norman that was adapted for a 1986 movie of the same name starring Sissy Spacek and Anne Bancroft. The story is about a suicidal woman who decides to spend one last night talking to her mother before she shoots herself.



  • "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" by Jay-Z.
  • "Senseless" by Kenny Inglis.
  • "Lean Back" by Terror Squad featuring Fat Joe and Remy Ma.


Stella: You know what they say about keeping condoms in your wallet?
Jason: They get holes.
Stella: Just like your story.

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