Nicholas Pike

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Minor Character: Miami
Name Nicholas Pike
Gender Male
Occupation Nightclub Owner
Budding Serial Killer
Modus Operandi {{{mo}}}
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Status Institutionalized
Portrayed By David Lee
First Appearance Sunblock

"They were never really alive. I was doing them a favor."

Nicholas Pike is a budding serial killer who appeared in Season Six of CSI: Miami.


"People seem to think there's an immediate reaction. It's like a sunburn: it takes a while before it shows up."

Pike was once very physically active, but when he was diagnosed with phototoxicity, allergy to the sun, he was forced to stay indoors during the bright hours of the day. As a result he started to obsess over the people outside who could move around freely, even buying a telescope so he could watch them. He became angered that they were wasting their lives and started killing them.


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Modus Operandi

Pike would spy on his victims using telescope through his apartment window, targeting those he saw as wasting their lives. He strangled his victims to death with a garrot wire concealed in his wristwatch. He used the cover of an eclipse or night because of his condition. Aside from Ronnie Temple, all the victims were attacked in their homes.

Known Victims

  • 2007:
    • October 28: Diana Long (spent time on her computer)
    • October 29
      • Ronnie Temple (sold drugs by his cabana)
      • Mario Montero (attempted, but survived; the attack was interrupted; spent time on his computer)
    • October 30: Unnamed victim (intended; played video games)

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