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Nesting Dolls
WriterSarah Goldfinger
DirectorBill Eagles
Original AirdateFebruary 3, 2005
Previous Episode: Snakes
Next Episode: Unbearable

Nesting Dolls is the thirteenth episode in season five of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


When two bodies covered in tar are found, the CSIs must try to uncover the identity and the murderers. Sara is reprimanded by Ecklie for improper conduct.


Catherine Willows, Warrick Brown, Nick Stokes and Sara Sidle go to investigate two recently found bodies that are buried in tar. The case goes in the direction of spousal abuse from a man named Andrew Melton, who had a Ukrainian mail-order bride named Svitlana. Melton claims he hasn't seen Svitlana for two years, and that she had "just disappeared" one day. Mr. Melton has since gone on to "purchase" a new Asian bride. Sara becomes very emotionally involved and clashes with Catherine and Conrad Ecklie, landing her in a full week of suspension without pay.

Grissom speaks with Sara that evening at her apartment and a terrible truth about her past is revealed; that her mother stabbed her abusive father to death. Sara mentions that before her mother murdered her abusive father, she thought that the violence and yelling was "the way that everybody lived." The case is closed when evidence ultimately leads them to the abusive husband. Ecklie wants Grissom to fire Sara, but Grissom refuses, saying "She's a great criminalist, Conrad. And I need her."


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Major Events

  • As a result of clashing with Catherine, Sara is suspended for a full week without pay.
  • Sara reveals to Grissom that she had a trauma childhood in which her father was very abusive towards her and her mother until one day her mother stabbed her father to death.

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