Near Death

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Near Death
CSI NY - Near Death
WriterZachary Reiter,
Pam Veasey
DirectorAlex Zakrzewski
Original AirdateMay 11, 2012

Near Death is the eighteenth episode, and season eight finale of CSI: NY.


When Mac is shot, he finds himself in limbo between life and death and, as he fights for his life, it's up to his team to bring the shooter to justice.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Megan Dodds as Christine Whitney
  • Jaime Ray Newman as Claire Taylor
  • Francis Xavier McCarthy as Hank Shelton
  • Will Rothhaar as Luke Shelton
  • Brad Carter as Darius Cole
  • Kelly Shea as Nurse
  • Brendan Ford as Doctor #1
  • Ray Bengston as Doctor #2
  • Patti Pelton as O.R. Nurse
  • Tatum Shank as Pharmacist
  • Arthur Roberts as Felix Henderson
  • Julie Arebalo as E.R. Doctor #1
  • Walker Haynes as E.R. Doctor #2
  • Kirsty Lee Allan as Teena Milford


  • This episode sees the returns of Claire, Mac's deceased wife, and Lucy Messer who is Danny and Lindsay's daughter.

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