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Near Death
CSI NY - Near Death
WriterZachary Reiter,
Pam Veasey
DirectorAlex Zakrzewski
Original AirdateMay 11, 2012

Near Death is the eighteenth episode, and season finale of the eighth season of CSI: NY.


Pills are around a pharmacy, one drops into a pool of blood where a male is found dead, a gun near him and further away reveals Mac, shot in the back. As he is being prepped for the operation, he hallucinates and sees his wife, Claire. He asks why she is far away, but she consoles him, saying it will be alright. Hours earlier, Mac and Flack were in pursuit of a suspect and as Flack chases after him, Mac had cheated and used the car to block the suspect's path and arrests him. In the station, it was revealed he was a suspected robber of several banks, leaving no casualties, except for the last one. He denies robbing those banks and explained why he ran from them. He was dealing drugs and he spotted them and ran away. It was soon later revealed that the suspect's grandfather and several of his friends robbed them, for fun before retiring. When the robber was revealed to be ill, Mac goes to get the man's pills from the pharmacy. As he walked in, he heard a man wanting some pills and took cover before the man spotted him and the pharmacist tried to calm the man down but as the man pulled back the hammer on the gun, Mac revealed himself and tried to get the man to drop his weapon but he fires at Mac and Mac soon fired two shots and the man gets hit and falls back. As he moves closer, a woman comes in and Mac asks if she has a phone and tells her to call 911, but as he has his back turned, he is suddenly shot and falls forward and it was revealed that the woman shot him before going to the pharmacist.


  • This episode sees the returns of Claire ( Mac's wife who died during 9/11) and Lucy Messer who is Danny and Lindsay's daughter.


Mac - Claire? Where I am? What's happening?

Claire - You're dying. 

Mac - I don't understand.

Claire - It's okay. I'm here! Will can be okay.

Mac - How was happened?

Claire - You were shot. You got a shot, baby.

Mac -  Why you're so far away? I have much to say something who to said...

Claire - No! You don't need to say nothing. You're the love of my life. You know it!

Mac - I don't wanna die. I...

Claire - I know. And now you're scar. It's good on be scar.

Mac - I'm happy who you're with me. God how I love you.

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