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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Nancy brass
Name Nancy Brass
Gender Female
Family Jim Brass (ex-husband)
Ellie Brass (daughter)
CityLas Vegas
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Annabella Sciorra
First Appearance Skin in the Game

Nancy Brass is the ex-wife of Jim Brass and the mother of Ellie Brass, she is often mentioned by Jim throughout the many seasons of CSI however makes her official debut in "Skin in the Game" coming to the crime lab receiving a ransom for Ellie.


While married to Jim Brass, she had an affair with New Jersey Vice cop Mike O'Toole, which resulted in the birth of Ellie Brass.

Season Thirteen Edit

Skin in the Game Edit

Nancy arrives in Las Vegas after receiving a ransom for her daughter, Ellie. She is last seen in Jim's arms crying as Morgan has been kidnapped by the serial killer.

Season Fourteen Edit

The Devil and D.B. Russell Edit

Nancy consoles Jim about Ellie and how it was them that messed things up leading Ellie to make mistakes as well. However the team soon discover that Matthew and Ellie were intimately involved and she brought Matthew home to Nancy last year knowing that Nancy could identify Matthew, she is stabbed to death by her own daughter, Ellie. Her body is later found by Jim who confronts Ellie who is holding him at gunpoint and Jim says that Nancy was the only woman that he ever loved and as Ellie is arrested he looks down at her dead body. At the end of the episode most of the CSI team attend Nancy's funeral and Jim is seen deeply saddened.


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