Mia Dickerson

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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Mia Dickerson
Gender Female
CityLas Vegas
Occupation [Former] DNA Lab Technician
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Status Presumed Alive
Portrayed By Aisha Tyler
First Appearance Harvest

Mia Dickerson is a former DNA lab tech who worked on season five in Las Vegas Crime Lab.

With Greg Sanders being transferred into the field at season five premiere, and the sudden departured of Chandra Moore (Viva Las Vegas), Mia was the second DNA Lab Technician to be brought (Harvest), tooking over the DNA lab. She's characterized by getting results in a short amount of time due to her organizational skills.

Her weakness is that she has a bit OCD (compulsive personality), as she often scolded the other CSI's for "contaminating" her work space, particularly Hodges. She once telling Greg that she refuses to eat food prepared by others because people cook while they talk and the food ends up being tainted with DNA.

Also, many lab techs had a crush on her, most notably David Hodges.

She only remained for a short time (2004-2005), until was later replaced by Wendy Simms in season six.


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