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Silvana's sister. She is found dead by her and Antonio in one of her dresses.  She was killed in Eddie Santo's shop a block away from the club. It's told by her lover, Esteban, who she has known since they were kids and that she has loved him and that he and she were in love. They made love in Eddie's shop. Her C.O.D. was asphyxiation due to her being force fed Casava leaves laced with poisoned Tilo pills from Antonio.  She was beaten with a pipe before being murdered. In the end, it is revealed that Marta was murdered by Silvana because Silvana was also in love with Esteban since they were children and she knew that. Silvana could not stop thinking about Esteban, so every song she wrote was about him. Silvana was angry that Marta came between her and Esteban. Silvana must have found out about Marta and Esteban making love that night.  Silvana was forced to punish her sister for taking the love of her life from her. She beat and killed her!

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