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Minor Character: New York
Name Mark Riley
Gender Male
Family Jason Riley (son)
Unnamed wife
Unnamed daughter
CityNew York
Occupation NYPD officer
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Status Deceased
Portrayed By Gary Kraus
First Appearance Civilized Lies

Mark Riley was a police officer who appeared in CSI: NY.

Season Nine Edit

Civilized Lies Edit

Riley was off-duty and while he was on the phone with his son, Jason, he saw car pulling up in front of a store. He tells his son he loves him and he'll call back soon. As he goes to investigate, three robbers (Anthony Lombardo, Eric Blaylock, and Roland Benitez) wearing latex masks of male African-Americans held him down and tried take his bag.

Riley pulled out a backup revolver from his ankle holster and shot Lombardo in the shoulder and shot Benitez in the leg that killed him eventually, but he was later shot multiple times by Blaylock. Riley soon died during surgery, leaving his family devastated.

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