Manhattan Manhunt

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Manhattan Manhunt
Manhattan Manhunt
WriterAnn Donahue
Anthony E. Zuiker
Elizabeth Devine
DirectorRob Bailey
Original AirdateNovember 9, 2005

Manhattan Manhunt is the seventh episode in season two of CSI: NY. The CSI: Miami portion of the episode was entitled Felony Flight.


Mac and Horatio continue tracking spree killer Henry Darius, who has gone to New York to settle some old scores.


Picking up where Felony Flight left off, escaped psychopathic spree killer Henry Darius (Dale) takes his hostage, wealthy heiress Alexa Endecott, to her apartment in Manhattan, where he forces her to open a family safe. When he sees it is empty, he shoots Alexa and three friends of her younger sister, who were partying downstairs. Mac Taylor recalls that Darius said he was going to "make things right".

It transpires that Alexa's sister Sarah witnessed the crime from the service elevator and then went to school, trying to pretend that it was just a dream. Mac also finds out that the Endecott family doctor, Dr. Miles Feldstein, was also the expert witness at Henry Darius' competency hearing, and the doctor told Darius about the 3 million dollars Alexa would receive on her 21st birthday.

Later, Darius sets up a meeting with Mac on a subway train. He reveals that he cannot control his killer instincts, and wants the CSIs to tell him why he killed his victims. Meanwhile, Stella Bonasera and Horatio Caine track down Albert "Big Al" Grafton, the man who bought the gun used in the murder of Lydia Johnson, for which Darius was convicted. The seller is identified as Vincent "Rosie" Rosetti, a convicted felon hired to threaten Lydia and her husband James, but the gun went off during a struggle and killed Lydia. "Rosie" is arrested and questioned by Stella and Horatio, and is told by Horatio that he will be taken back to Miami and given the death penalty.

Evidence from the biometric lock on the family safe reveals that Sarah Endecott stole the $3 million, and the CSIs track her down to Tiffany's jewellery store, but only find half of the money on her. Mac eventually deduces that Dr. Feldstein's secretary has the money; she convinced Sarah to steal it and split the takings.

Stella has some shocking news from the DNA lab: a comparison of Alexa Endecott and Henry Darius's blood has revealed they're siblings; the two share the same father. Tom Endecott feigns shock but Mac reminds him of a paternity suit lodged against him twenty-three years previously. Meanwhile, Darius has returned to the Endecott apartment and convinces Sarah to let him in, but Mac and Horatio are there to take him into custody. Horatio returns to Miami, first calling Lydia Johnson's son to tell him that his mother's killer has been caught.

In a holding cell, Mac tells Darius that he'll be extradited to Miami, where he will face the death penalty. When Darius dismisses this, flattered at the interest Mac has taken in the case, Mac is disgusted and tells Darius to "rot in hell".

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