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The Mala Noche are a (fictitious) drug cartel that appears in CSI:Miami and is based in Brazil and (formerly) headed by Antonio Riaz. Horatio Caine once described them as one of the most dangerous in the region and "Miami's new Mafia".

First mentioned early in the fourth season, they would become a regular presence on the show for the next two years; many of the murder cases that the team uncovered were carried out by one or more of the Mala Noche members.

It was a Mala Noche sniper who was resonsible for the assassination of Marisol Delko. After this happened, Horatio and Delko travelled to Brazil and Horatio killed Riaz, avenging Marisol.

Ultimately, the gang would cease to be a viable threat in the fifth season after Horatio was extradited to Brazil and ultimately killed its remaining leadership (its original leader, Antonio Riaz, was killed in the fifth-season premiere as revenge for Marisol's death).

Known Members


  • The name "Mala Noche" (Spanish for "bad night") may have been taken from the title of a 1986 film of the same name.

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