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Minor Character: Miami
Madison Keaton
Name Madison Keaton
Gender Female
Family Susie Barnham (Mother)
Bob Keaton (Stepfather, Deceased)
Raymond Caine (Biological Father, Deceased)
Raymond Caine Jr (Half-Brother)
Horatio Caine (Biological Uncle)
Kyle Harmon (Cousin)
Status Alive
Portrayed By Kyndell Rose Crowell
First Appearance Big Brother

Madison Keaton is the illegitimate daughter of Raymond Caine and Susie Barnham-Keaton. In a later episode, Madison becomes terminally ill.

Neither Horatio nor Susie are matches for a bone marrow transplant. Horatio convinces Yelina Salas (who had assumed Madison was Horatio's daughter before Horatio told her the truth) to have her son tested, causing her to realize that Madison was Raymond's child, and not Horatio's.

Presumably, Ray Jr is tested and proves to be a match, and Madison is cured.

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