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"They'll never allow this in court..."
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The relationship between Mac Taylor and Stella Bonasera is one of the oldest on CSI: NY.


You can tell that they have feeling for each other because of the way the look at each other.

Early HistoryEdit

They seem so close like they knew each other for a very long time. It looks like Mac would do anything for Stella if she needed it.

Season One through SixEdit

      Mac and Stella

Mac and Stella have a bond that can not be broken they are there for each other.Stella loves Mac more than she is letting on and over the seasons the feeling get even stronger.Mac loves Stella even more than she knows. Mac is a indepent person and doesn't really show what he is feeling.Mac and Stella are in love and it shows in the seasons.


Mac is a very independent person. He is very sentimental about things that he holds most close to him. Mac has feelings for Stella but just doesn't accept them. Mac loves his team but he he loves Stella more.


Stella is a very independent person when it comes to her feelings for Mac.Stella is in love with Mac.Stella is a loveable person sometimes I just want them to kiss each other on the lips like they should.

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