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WriterAnn Donahue
Carol Mendelsohn
Anthony Zuiker
DirectorDanny Cannon
Original AirdateMay 17th 2004
Previous Episode: Rap Sheet
Next Episode: Innocent (CSI:Miami), Blink (CSI:NY)

"MIA/NYC NonStop" is the twenty-third episode in the second season of CSI: Miami, as well as the pilot episode for CSI: NY.


When 16-year-old Laura Spellman returns home late from a night of partying to find her parents brutally killed, Horatio promises to catch their killer. Evidence reveals the killer flew in from New York. Determined to keep his promise, Horatio flies to New York.

This episode is a cross-over episode of CSI: Miami that introduces the characters and premise of CSI: NY.

CSI: NY Cast


Guest Stars

  • Arthur Chi'en as News Reporter
  • Carol Mendelsohn as Denise Spelman
  • Chris Meyer as Michael Hanover Jr.
  • Christopher John Fields as Nick Murdoch
  • Douglas J. Aguirre as NYPD Officer
  • Heidi Marnhout as Renee Rydell
  • James Hiroyuki Liao as M.E. Assistant
  • Joe Wandell as Paramedic
  • John Mariano as Davey Penrod
  • Joseph Lyle Taylor as Doorman Kevin Dowell
  • Katerina Mikailenko as Amy
  • Lawrence Cameron Steele as Sanitation worker
  • Madison Arnold as Chaplain
  • Marta Martin as Milagra
  • Nick Damici as Detective
  • Nicole Paggi as Laura Spelman
  • Richard Shoberg as Michael Hanover Sr.
  • Shelly Carey as News Reporter


  • This episode is the CSI: NY equivalent of the CSI: Miami backdoor pilot, Cross-Jurisdictions.
  • Marta Martin, who plays Milagra, also appears in the CSI episodes The Accused Is Entitled and Cold Blooded.
  • Andy Garcia was offered the role of Mac Taylor but didn't take it.

Major Events

  • Horatio flies down to work with the New York counterparts of the CSI department.
  • Detective Mac Taylor, Detective Stella Bonasera, Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, Sgt. Danny Messer and Detective Aiden Burn are all introduced for the first time.


  • "Born Too Slow" by Crystal Method.
  • "The Farther We Go" by Futique.
  • "Teardrop" by Massive Attack.
  • "One Day My Soul Opened Up" by Millie Jackson.
  • "Fall in the Light" by Lori Carson and Graeme Revell.

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