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Minor Character: New York
Name Luke Blade
Gender Male
Family Sylvia Walker (foster mother)
George Clark (biological father)
Unnamed biological mother (deceased)
CityNew York
Occupation Illusionist
Budding Serial killer
Status Institutionalized
Portrayed By Criss Angel
First Appearance Sleight Out of Hand
"As Houdini said, my brain is the key that will set me free."

Luke Blade was a street illusionist and budding serial killer who appeared in season three of CSI: NY.


Luke was born with fetal alcohol syndrome to an alcoholic mother who died in childbirth. His father then gave him up for adoption because he didn't feel he was competent enough to raise a child. He was also abandoned by his foster mother, Sylvia Walker, who feared that he would harm her own newborn child due to his mood swings. He grew up in the system, in and out of foster homes and institutions. He resented his abandonment and began his killing spree with the ultimate goal of killing his first foster mother.

Sleight Out of Hand

Luke comes to New York to perform in his famous show entitled "Death Becomes Me". When members of his crew start turning up dead, the CSI team is called to investigate. Stella is able to trace skin DNA off a magic wand found at the scene of assistant Austin Cannon's death to George Clark, who proves to be Luke's biological father. He is arrested while trying to drown his foster mother in a re-enactment of Harry Houdini's famous straight jacket escape trick.

Modus Operandi

Luke killed his victims by forcing them to perform his stunts or killing them in a similar fashion to his stunts. This included sawing a woman in half, burning a man to death and attempting to drown a woman.

Known Victims

  • 2007:
    • Febuary 26: Vienna Hyatt (sawed in half)
    • Febuary 27: Austin Cannon (beaten into submission and burned to death)
    • Febuary 28: Sylvia Walker (chained and attempted to drown in a glass cage; was rescued)

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