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Minor Character: New York
Linds and Lucy
Name Lucy Messer
Gender Female
Family Danny Messer (father)
Lindsay Messer (mother)
Unnamed Brother (born post series)
Robert Monroe (grandfather)
Louie Messer (uncle)
Mac Taylor (Godfather)
CityNew York
Occupation Student
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Status Alive
Portrayed By Brooklyn Silzer (Unspoken)
First Appearance Greater Good
Lucy Messer is the daughter of Danny Messer and Lindsay Monroe who was born in the episode Greater Good. Mac Taylor is Lucy's godfather.


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Season EightEdit

Near DeathEdit

This little girl is a strong person.



  • Lucy is presumably named after one of Lindsay's friends who was killed by Daniel Katums in the diner massacre.
  • Lucy is portrayed by the twins Nadia and Talia Hartounian in season 8, episode 18 "Near Death".
  • She will be portrayed by Brooklyn Silzer in season 9, episode 4.
  • Mac Taylor is revealed to be Lucy's godfather in the episode Greater Good.
  • Lucy once said "Mommy! Mommy! There is a vampire under my bed!" Blood Actually

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