Lost Son

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Lost Son
Lost Son
WriterDavid M. Stern
DirectorPeter Markle
Original AirdateSeptember 30, 2002
Previous Episode: Innocent
Next Episode: Pro Per

"Lost Son" is the first episode of the third season of CSI: Miami.


A normal case which begins with the discovery of a businessman's bullet-ridden body aboard an empty yacht that smashed into a bridge has the team uncovering information that suggests that the dead man was delivering the ransom for his kidnapped son. The case soon takes a tragic turn when Speedle dies from injuries sustained in a shoot-out at a jewelry store, leaving the team devastated and more determined than ever to find out who is responsible.

Major Events

  • As a result of failing to clean his gun, Speedle is shot dead while he and Horatio end up involved in a shootout at a jewellery stone, leaving the entire team devastated.
  • Speed's funeral is held as the team all say their final goodbyes to him.

Guest stars

Background notes

  • This is the final episode where Rory Cochrane plays the regular role of Tim Speedle.
  • The MythBusters attempted to recreate the diamond creation. However, the myth turned out to be "Busted"; the graphite did not change its shape at all

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