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Long Road Home is the seventeenth episode of the fourteenth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It originally aired on March 12, 2014.


The CSIs investigate the murder of a rock and roll groupie and the disappearance of a prostitute that both have ties to a mysterious band,

Plot Summary Edit

Fatally struck Marcie Cody's corpse is found near the rented stretch limo hired from Marty 'The Cat' Kirsch by nostalgic would be-rock band Kiss as part of a star experience, including Kiss rock star Gene Simmons. Angela 'Tangerine' Ward, the other girl hired as 'groupie' by the wealthy professionals, is missing, but has a criminal record and fitting partner, who turns up murdered. The team finds possible motives amond band members as well as star experience cast.

Trivia Edit

  • The TV series Bones has done a previous episode involving The Fame Experience but in that occasion it was called Rock 'n Roll Fantasy Camp.

Goofs Edit

  • When the dead body is first shown in the bus, the head is looking to its right. In the followup shots, the head is turned to its left.

Quotes Edit

(In a dark alley)

Morgan Brody: Ugh, this place reeks!

Greg Sanders: Really? I hadn't notice.

Soundtracks Edit

  • Who Are You by Pete Townshend performed by The Who.

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Gene Simmons as Gene Simmons
  • Michael Des Barres as Marty 'The Cat' Kirch
  • Jamie Kennedy as Ed Kapena
  • Joshua Bitton as Arnold Borkowski
  • Katherine McNamara as Angela Ward/Tangerine
  • Paul Greene as Lex Young
  • Nick Galarza as Mike Lassek
  • Alicia Fusting as Marcie Cody
  • Robert S. Martin III as Young Uni

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