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Long Ball
Long Ball
WriterChristopher Barbour
DirectorAlec Smight
Original AirdateJanuary 21, 2010
Previous Episode: Sin City Blue
Next Episode: Internal Combustion

Long Ball is the twelfth episode in season ten of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


A former pro golfer is found dead on a golf course during a tournament, one day after his estranged son sets the course record for the course low score.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Liz Vassey as Wendy Simms
  • Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle
  • Jon Wellner as Henry Andrews
  • Jason Dohring as Danny Nagano
  • Steven Eckholdt as John Dudek
  • Rosalind Chao as Michelle Huntley
  • John M. Jackson as Russell Huntley
  • Melissa Tang as Erin Nagano
  • Michael Eric Strickland as Rocco's Caddy
  • Jonathan Antin as Himself
  • David Feherty as Himself
  • Natalie Gulbis as Herself
  • Gary McCord as Himself
  • Rocco Mediate as Himself
  • Kevin Na as Himself
  • Duffy Waldorf as Himself


Nick Stokes: You know, Ray - for somebody who doesn't like golf, you certainly seem to know an awful lot about it.
Dr. Raymond Langston: It's not that I don't like golf. It's just that you have to focus your mind, practically every fiber of your being, on a small, white ball that you want to hit just the right way. And then when you hit it, the feeling is exhilarating. And so you chase the small, white ball all day, so that you can hit it exactly the same way. You chase that feeling - kinda like cocaine. Not exactly the best hobby for an obsessive personality.
Nick Stokes: People like that you are better suited for a job in criminalistics, huh?

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