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Living Legend
WriterCarol Mendelsohn
Douglas Petrie
DirectorMartha Coolidge
Original AirdateNovember 23, 2006

"Living Legend" is the ninth episode in the seventh season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


The Cadillac of an infamous 1970's mob boss, Mickey Dunn is found in a lake after he disappeared years ago.

Shortly afterwards, a string of murders occur in which the killers almost eagerly leave evidence of their appearance for witnesses and the CSIs.

Furthermore, an old picture of the victims standing next to Dunn outside the Desert Inn casino is planted on their bodies. The team must then find out what the connection is between the murders and Dunn.

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Roles Edit

Guest Stars Edit

  • Roger Daltrey as Mickey Dunn
  • Barbara Bain as Mrs. Iris Paul
  • Brian Goodman as Derek Paul
  • Louis Giambalvo as Ken Billings
  • Rik Young as Young Mickey Dunn
  • Tangie Ambrose as Tina
  • Mark Elias as Young Mason Carter
  • Jeff Howard as Young Ken Billings
  • Jesse Jensen as Young Johnny D'Angelo
  • Roy Oraschin as Young Derek Paul
  • Nico Cortez as Officer Eddie Sanchez
  • Amy Scott as Young Catherine Willows
  • Tarah Paige as Polly
  • Bob McCracken as Mason Carter (uncredited)
  • Clark Middleton as Freddie Sloan (uncredited)


  • The photograph used to show the mob hit that brought down Mickey Dunn is an actual photo of the corpse of Bonanno crime boss Carmine Galante who was gunned down in July of 1979.


  • When the victim is hit by the car, it shows him get run over by the front right wheel of the limo. Later on, the body is "thrown 45 feet" and is ahead of the stopped limo.
  • Near the end of the episode during the flashback of the crime, Mickey Dunn's car is pushed into the water. A cable can be seen trailing behind the car, most likely to make it easy to pull it back out later.
  • When Mickey Dunn is singing karaoke, the words he is singing don't always match up with the words scrolling across the screen behind him.


Catherine (to Mickey Dunn as he wakes up in the hospital): Let me give you a hint: You're not in heaven.

Grissom: Our Mexican Fisherman signed his television release form "F. Krueger."
Catherine: Freddy Krueger. Nightmare on Elm Street.
Archie: The karaoke singer was Michael Myers. Halloween.
Catherine: Parts 1-9.
Archie: Yeah, but our hotel killer was Pamela Voorhees.
Catherine: Friday the 13th?
Archie: No, that's Jason. Wait, Jason was the sequel, Pamela was the killer in the original. That's the question that tripped up Drew Barrymore in Scream.
Catherine: Yeah and look how far it got her.
Archie: You watch slasher flicks?
Catherine: With Lindsey, I do. They never get the spatter right.
Grissom: All I know, the master of all scary movies was Lon Chaney Sr., the man of a thousand faces, and that's what we're looking for.

(After Mickey Dunn's car was pulled out of a lake)
Greg: Mickey Dunn's ride. I bet it looked better in the 70's.
Catherine: Live fast, die young. Doubt he left a good looking corpse.

Hodges (to Greg): You wanna know what makes human bones glow?
Greg: Love?

Johnny: Now get out there and arrest the ghost of Mickey Dunn or get off my property.
Brass: We're the cops, not the Ghostbusters.

Catherine (as she sits down next to Mickey Dunn's hospital bed & smiles at him): You like horror movies, Mickey?
Mickey: Yeah... I love 'em
Catherine: I got one for 'ya.
Mickey (grins): Has it got a monster in it?
Catherine (laughs and a flashback starts of what went down when Mickey Dunn got shot as she narrates): Yeah. I bet you've heard it. It's strictly B-List stuff. No-name cast, never released. Four Vegas punks run a mobster off the road. They shoot him, they rob him, they leave him for dead, but everybody knows shooting the monster and killing him y'know are never the same. A young honest cop arrives, and with him comes an opportunity. Monster changes his name, his face, passes for human, rides off into the night. (the flashback ends)
Mickey: And a legend is born. The end.
Catherine: Mickey, you know that real horror stories never end.
Mickey (semi-laughing): Oh-ho, but this one does. (breathes in, chuckles) It's been huge fun. Coming back, trying new faces, leading you all around town by the nostrils, setting up the big discovery (flashback of a news story "Everybody, he know Mickey Dunn" and then his crimes) Going after Kenneth, (in the flashback, he whispers "I'm Mickey Dunn" to Kenneth) taking out Mason, and the best by far, the look on poor Johnny's face, not the most handsome guy in the world. (the flashback ends) But a face worth wearing. And the hardest part? Learning Spanish. (chuckles) Good times.
Catherine: But why now?
Mickey: Because that tiny piece of metal that Derek shot in my chest has finally moved. Doctors gave me a week, maybe two to live. Figured I'd go out with a bang, never see the inside of a cell. It's really funny you know, one little bullet could make things suddenly seem so clear.
Catherine (standing and holding up a bullet): You mean this bullet? Mob doctors become mob doctors because they sucked in the first place. But we got a licensed surgeon who fixed you up good. Cheer up Mickey, you're going to live another 20, 30 years and you'll be spending everyday in the federal penitentiary, but only until you die. (starts walking out)
Mickey: But I'll still go out a legend. (Catherine turns) You haven't changed that.
Catherine: Ooh, you've been out of the game a while. The homies they have in the pen these days never heard of you.
Mickey: That's impossible.
Catherine: No, Mickey. That's life. (winks at him and walks out

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