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This is a list of all the wepaons that have featured in CSI:Crime Scene Investigation, CSI:New York and CSI:Miami.

CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationEdit

Glock 17Edit

The 9mm Glock 17 is the most common gun seen in the show. It is used by most of the CSI division.

Smith & Wesson SW99Edit

A 9mm SW99 with a stainless steel slide is Nick Stokes' duty sidearm. He attempts suicide with it in Grave Danger.

Glock 19Edit

The Glock 19 is Nick Stokes' personal sidearm. Nigel holds it on him in Stalker.

Lorcin LC380Edit

A Lorcin LC380 is used by a few criminals in the series and is tested in the ballistics lab by Gil Grissom

CSI: New YorkEdit

Glock 19Edit

The usual sidearm for the NYPD is the Glock 19 compact 9mm pistol.


In "Yahrzeit",an MG42 is seen in the hideout of a Neo-Nazi.

CSI: MiamiEdit

Beretta 92FSEdit

The standard sidearm for the Miami Police Department is the Italian Beretta 92FS 9mm pistol.

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