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Leda Callisto is a suspect pharmacist in CSI: The Video Game.

I Lost My Father, Bennedetti lost his DaughterEdit

Leda first appears in the fourth case A Barrell Of Corpses where she is the counter woman at a local pharmacy dealing the drug Maxamine which was rendered to Monaco Casino Victim Sophia Bennedetti.

You first interrogate Leda at the pharmacy but after you and Warrick Brown confirm enough evidence involving the spiked tissue and flirtatious doctor Wilkinson she is brought in for questioning at the police station.

From there she reveals she and Wilkinson like Sophia were getting it off hot and heavy until his controlling pompous wife found out.

The evidence collected proves that Leda Callisto murdered Sophia and Captain Brass tries to establish motive as she stole her man Wilkinson.

Leda is arrested for the murder and appears once again in the final following case'Leda's Swan Song"

To Kill Somone Miles AwayEdit

Grissom is abducted from the Desert Demonstration Gardens where Gil was supposedly called by a worker informing of new evidence.

Working alongside Catherine Willows you discover the reuse of Wilkinsons truck by Leda Callisto and the planting of carnivorous bugs to catch his attention.

Then via chloroform and tissue Grissom was kidnapped and taken away By Leda during the previous investigation.

To Use and Abuse HimEdit

Leda Callisto is uncovered to have killed your first case victim showgirl Karen' Kylie' Yardstrum instead of the sinning criminal brawler Devon Rodgers.

You discover that Bernard Murphy a fired a lately deceased crime scene investigator was seeing Kylie but she knocked him off causing his final straw to snap leading on to his tragic suicide.

It is also uncovered the Sophia Bennedetti murder motive as her gambling well connected father Carlo tampered with the evidence overseeing her drug case charge leaving the investigating officer Bernard Murphy to take the blame.

Leda hid out on the Champagne Hotel Fire Escape for Karen Yardstrum to enter the bedroom again after her brieg sexual intercourse with Rodgers and then proceeded to strangle her with a torn bedsheet.

She Left to Do the OppositeEdit

As confirmed by Brass and Lab hand Greg Sanders Callisto is not Leda's maiden name she was married and only just seperated from her partner.

Her wedding to the unidentified male happened not in Las Vegas though she held a permanent residence and employement here.

Maybe this is a Final InsultEdit

As recovered from Leda's apartment it is revealed that Leda had a penchant for mythology and used the theory of placing money in a dead persons mouth as payment for their soul.

As recovered from both Sophia Bennedetti and Karen Yardstrum is money following her bookmarked page from mythological book.

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