Leaving Las Vegas

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Leaving Las Vegas
CSI leavinglasvegas
WriterAllen MacDonald
Carol Mendelsohn
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original AirdateJanuary 4, 2007

"Leaving Las Vegas" is the eleventh episode in the seventh season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Catherine testifies in a murder trial in which a man is accused of murdering his own mother three years ago, but the suspect is found not guilty. Catherine, however, believes he did commit the crime and that he may also have killed two other people, so she sets out to find the other victims. Catherine's probe leads to a small Nevada town where an elderly woman and her daughter were fatally stabbed and shot three years earlier. Back at the lab, Grissom prepares to leave on a four-week sabbatical. As he leaves, a box is placed on his desk. Inside is another miniature.


  • The box on Grissom's desk is a miniature of a crime scene yet to happen, delivered to him by the Miniature Killer
  • Adam Novak returns from the Season 5 episode Weeping Willows. He is portrayed by Alan Rosenberg, Marg Helgenberger's real life husband.


  • While explaining the circumstances under which Laura Montoya and her daughter disappeared, the sheriff says that someone named "Luke Hansen" closed up the ice cream shop, but in the flashback scene, Laura says "Say hi to your mom, Jake," to the boy who closed up the shop.
  • When Sheriff McGuire tells Nick and Catherine that she can 'do one better' in regards to obtaining blood samples from the Curtis murder by bringing them to the home. The problem is, we already know that these murders took place 3 years ago. Even if the house is a 'time capsule,' in the Nevada temperature, the blood on the floor would have denatured and degraded over time making it useless for DNA samples. Catherine and Nick should have known that and taken their samples from the Reno Lab instead. (Of course, this is also a good way for the viewers to see the crime scene and given a reason to find the bullets in the rabbit hutch.)
  • Nick used needle-nose pliers to remove the bullet from under the picnic table. This could leave marks on the bullet, potentially making it difficult to match the bullet in ballistics.

Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Guest Stars

  • Lucinda Jenney as Sheriff Beth McGuire
  • Jed Rees as Jay Finch
  • Michael Sean Tighe as Robert Guffey
  • Kevin Rankin as Shawn Curtis
  • Anne-Marie Johnson as ADA Jasmine Davis
  • Skyler Gisondo as Danny Curtis
  • Lupe Carranza as Laura
  • Pat Destro as Mary Acheson
  • Ian Gilmore as Jake Hanson
  • Ted Heyck as Judge Heyck
  • Danielle Kennedy as Addie Finch
  • Virginia Newcomb as Heather Curtis
  • Trenton Rogers as 4 year old Danny Curtis


Nick: It's a needle in a haystack.
Catherine: It's our job to look for a needle in a haystack.

Catherine: Hi, Danny, I'm Catherine. I'm trying to catch the bad guy who hurt your mom and grandma and I could really use your help.
Danny: Do you think they're with God?
Catherine: What do you think?
Danny (indicating the house): I think they're still in there.
Catherine: Why?
Danny: They're waiting to fly up to heaven.
Catherine: What are they waiting for?
Danny: For me to say goodbye.

Grissom (to Greg): Hey, how's it going on your civil case? Did you get a lawyer?
Greg: LVPD said they'd provide me with an attorney.
Grissom: Get your own counsel, Greg. That's your right.
Greg: Well, are you gonna give me a raise because otherwise I can't afford that.
Grissom: Call the PPAC and talk to your union rep. This was an on-duty incident, they'll provide you with an attorney.
Greg: How's the union lawyer gonna be any different?
Grissom: The department's only interest is the department. They'll throw you under the bus to protect themselves. When's your deposition?
Greg: Three weeks from tomorrow.
Grissom: Stick to whatever you put in the report. Don't waver, be consistent. Everything's gonna be fine.

Adam Novak (to Nick): Why the hell is your department tailing my client?
Nick: Concern for his safety?
Adam Novak: That's cute. Jay Finch was acquitted of his mother's murder; he deserves all the rights of a free man.
Nick: With all due respect, Mr. Novak, no laws have been broken here.
Adam Novak: You can't try Finch twice for the same crime.
Nick: No, but you can for a different crime.
Adam Novak: Oh, I see. This is a personal vendetta by CSI Willows.
Nick: Personal, to who?
Adam Novak: Me! She's a man-hater. No surprise, but how long do we have to pay for the sins of her father?
Nick: Y'know, Catherine and I get along just great, maybe it's you.

Warrick (to Grissom): Hey, Griss. So Hodges told me that you're flying the coop. What's the matter, you sick of babysittin'?
Grissom: Just the opposite, I'm a teacher with no students.
Warrick: I've still got a lot to learn. And besides, having you around kinda keeps me honest.
Grissom: Whether you know it or not, you're the rock of my team. Catherine's gonna be in charge for a while, while I'm gone. Just be there for her like you've been there for me and it'll all be fine.
Warrick: Thanks man, that means a lot. You know I got you covered. (about the miniature crime scenes that Grissom is putting into boxes) What're you sending those to the Louvre?
Grissom: Well, Ernie Dell did kill with an artistic touch.

Grissom (after opening a gift of a Williams College sweatshirt from Hodges): How did you know about this?
Hodges: I saw an approved leave of absence form on Ecklie's desk. Don't worry, I didn't say anything to anyone else. Did you really think that you were going to teach at my alma mater in the dead of winter, without warm clothes?
Grissom: I thought you went to college in San Diego.
Hodges: Graduate school. Undergraduate was all about the Bay State. Crazy times, my friend, crazy times. Those Hampshire girls down in Amherst? Insane.
Grissom (with an amused smile): Thank you.
Hodges: Eh, you're welcome. (sits down) What are you teaching?
Grissom: The Seasonal Fluctuations and Observed Behaviors of the Walden Pond Swamp Mosquito.
Hodges: Excellent. Yeah, I don't know what college was like for you, but for me it was a new beginning. A chance to reinvent myself. For the first time in my life, I felt like I fit in. Not like now. I mean... you and I are close, but sometimes I just don't think the others get me.
(Catherine knocks on the door and walks in)
Catherine: You got a second?
Hodges: He's kind of busy. (Catherine gives Hodges a look) Oh. (stands up) When you get a chance, hit Purple Pint. Ask for Cookie, tell her Davey Hodges sent you. Drinks'll be on the house.
Grissom (still smiling): Crazy times.
Hodges: Yeah.

Grissom: Hey, Nick!
Nick: Hey.
Grissom: Where's Catherine?
Nick: Not back yet. I got a ride in with the local deputy.
Grissom: She told me she was going to be back before I left.
Nick: Oh yeah... listen, about that... I told my folks when I went to college that I'd be back, you know? Go to work at the D.A.'s office with my dad. You can kind of see how that turned out. Anyway, I just wanted to say it's been great, man... (Nick gives Grissom a big hug and holds on for a little while) really, I've learned a lot from you, man...
Grissom: I'll be back in four weeks. Stop hugging me. (Nick slowly lets go of Grissom, looking chastened and a little embarrassed)
Nick: Yes, sir.
(Grissom gives Nick a strange look, shakes his head slightly at him and then walks away)

Grissom (to Sara): Hey, my cab's here.
Sara: So, you're going then?
Grissom: Yeah. (pause)
Sara: I'll see you when you get back.
Grissom (wrings his hands and pauses): I'll miss you.

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