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Leaving Las Vegas
CSI leavinglasvegas
WriterAllen MacDonald,
Carol Mendelsohn
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original AirdateJanuary 4, 2007
Previous Episode: Loco Motives
Next Episode: Sweet Jane

Leaving Las Vegas is the eleventh episode in season seven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Catherine testifies in a murder trial in which a man is accused of murdering his own mother three years ago, but the suspect is found not guilty. Catherine, however, believes he did commit the crime and that he may also have killed two other people. Grissom prepares to leave on a four-week sabbatical.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Vincent Duvall as Lt. Jack Parker
  • Alan Rosenberger as Adam Novak
  • Wallace Langham as David Hodges (uncredited)
  • Lucinda Jenney as Sheriff Beth McGuire
  • Jed Rees as Jay Finch
  • Michael Sean Tighe as Robert Guffey
  • Kevin Rankin as Shawn Curtis
  • Anne-Marie Johnson as ADA Jasmine Davis
  • Skyler Gisondo as Danny Curtis
  • Lupe Carranza as Laura
  • Pat Destro as Mary Acheson
  • Ian Gilmore as Jake Hanson
  • Ted Heyck as Judge Heyck
  • Danielle Kennedy as Addie Finch
  • Virginia Newcomb as Heather Curtis
  • Trenton Rogers as 4 year old Danny Curtis

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