Law of Gravity

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Law of Gravity
Law of Gravity
WriterAnthony E. Zuiker
DirectorRichard J. Lewis
Original AirdateFebruary 8, 2007

Law of Gravity is the fifteenth episode of season seven in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


When one Trenton cop is murdered in Las Vegas hotel room, a second one threatens to expose secrets from Keppler's past if he doesn't make the case and evidence go away.

Meanwhile, Grissom returns from his sabbatical and questions Keppler's methods.


  • David Hodges reveals that he participated in Grissom's class online and his screen name was Spanky743.


  • When Keppler is taken to the ambulance. The "code" would have been run in full, as per EMS/ACLS protocol.
  • After the phone conversation of Frank and Keppler, Keppler closes his phone (out of shot, but you hear the sound). In the next shot, you see him close his phone again, same sound.
  • When Mike is calling Catherine, a suspect's name, Eric Hong, appears on her cell phone's screen. CSIs don't need to save a suspect's private number.


Nick: I guess I'm the ass man.

Nick (to Keppler): Looks like it's just you and me again, Hoss.
Keppler: Got a problem with that?
Nick: No, no. I like your style. It's just the whole suit thing we gotta work on a little bit.

Grissom: Michael Keppler. Gil Grissom. (they both shake hands) How's everybody been treatin' 'ya?
Keppler: No complaints. You got a great team.
Grissom': Yeah, thanks. Does Ecklie still have you slotted for days?
Keppler: As far as I know.
Grissom: I hear you're working the double homicide at the Olympia. Whaddaya got?
Keppler: Oh, bullets from Doc Robbins. I was gonna run 'em through IBIS.
Grissom: Dead cop was from your hometown, huh?
Keppler: Yeah. Retired.
Grissom: Did you know 'em?
Keppler (scoffs): You know how many retired cops there are in Trenton? (pause) Well, it was great to finally meet you.

Grissom (to Warrick): I hear that there was some friction in the lab when I was gone.
Warrick: Did you ever hear of reverse forensics?
(Grissom looks up at him, a little shocked)

Main Cast

Recurring Roles

Guest Stars

  • Len Cariou as Frank McCarty
  • James Hiroyuki Liao as Eric Hong
  • Brian Klugman as P.J. Turner
  • Kayla Mae Maloney as Amy McCarty
  • Sage Kirkpatrick as Suzy Gibbons
  • Toy Connor as Dorothy McFarland
  • Lyne Odums as Fran
  • Jared Krikac as Young Michael Keppler
  • Shacolby Randell as 'Weird Kevin' Reeder


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