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Lat 40° 47' N/Long 73° 58' W
WriterTrey Callaway
DirectorMatt Earl Beesley
Original AirdateOctober 7, 2009
Previous Episode: Blacklist
Next Episode: Dead Reckoning

Lat 40° 47' N/Long 73° 58' W (sometimes shortened Lat/Long) is the third episode in the sixth season of CSI: NY.


A custodian found dead apparently through hanging turns out to be the first victim of a serial killer who leaves compasses behind at his crime scenes.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Skeet Ulrich as Hollis Eckhart
  • Sarah Carter as Haylen Becall
  • Josie Davis as Calliope Eckhart
  • Amara Cash as Tour Guide
  • Benjamin Benitez as Kimball Saks
  • Kelly Kolatac as Cute Girl
  • James Martin Kelly as Cliff Angell

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