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Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department is the police force acting in the city of Las Vegas and Clark County, NevadaI. It is headed by the Sheriff of Clark County, elected every four years.

Units Edit

There are several specialized units in LVMPD:

  • Patrol Division
  • K-9 Units
  • Robbery Section
  • Homicide Section
  • CSI Bureau

Ranks and Personnel Edit

The Ranks within LVMPD are:

Trivia Edit

  • During the episode "For Warrick" it is hinted that there are a gang of corrupt cops in the department, according to Brass, at least since Jeffrey McKeen was a captain. When Brass arrived to the city, McKeen invited him and other cops for a barbecue, and then he told Brass that the city would be promising for him, and when Brass told him that he wasn't going to accept bribes, he was never invited again to these parties. This is evidenced by Daniel Pritchard, a corrupt cop acting under McKeen.

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