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WriterBrandon Guercio
DirectorNathan Hope
Original AirdateApril 29, 2015
Previous Episode: Selfie 2.0
Next Episode: Click Your Poison

L0m1s is the ninth episode in season one of CSI: Cyber.


The cyber team investigates when nine planes that departed from the same airport face a coordinate Wi-Fi attack while in flight.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Jason George as Colin Vickner
  • Colby French as Robert Hart
  • Rachael Kathryn Bell as Willa Hart
  • Kristin Carey as Senator Carla Finnis
  • Matisha Baldwin as TSA Agent
  • Sarah Butler as Chelsea
  • Richard Chiu as Juice Jacker #1
  • Dan D'Amicol as Mark
  • Cali Fredrichs as Sick Woman
  • Gabriela Fresquez as Frustrated Passenger
  • Larry Guli as Upset Man in Hawaiian Shirt
  • Jay Huguley as Gordon
  • Bevin Kaye as Rachel Carrington
  • Nicola Lambo as Woman
  • Justin Marco as Sales Clerk
  • Chris Riggi as Juice Jacker #2
  • Zoey Sidwell as Cindy
  • Glynis Liston as Passenger Service Agent
  • Margaret Newborn as Suspect Passenger
  • Ryan Babcock as TSA Bilson
  • Alysson Da Silva as Civilian
  • Sam Jones as CTOC Agent

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