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WriterCarol Mendelsohn,
Anthony Zuiker,
Ann Donahue
DirectorEagle Egilson
Original AirdateApril 30, 2014

Kitty is the twenty-first episode of the fourteenth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It introduces characters from "CSI: Cyber" which would become a new CSI series "spinoff" in 2015.


The CSIs investigate the cyber-related murder of a prominent casino owner’s wife and receive help from the FBI’s Cyber Crime Division.


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Quotes Edit

FBI Pilot: Special Agent Ryan. I had an up and back to St. Thomas until the deputy director called and ordered me detour to Vegas. With all due respect ma'am, we aren't running a taxi service here. So why not let's save Uncle Sam a couple of bucks and fly commercial.

Avery Ryan: Captain, I am going to tell you three things about yourself, none of which you're going to like. Number one: there is no such thing as an up and back to the Virgin Islands. You go there, you staying there the night. And if you are returning there it's not for misses Captain. Number two: you and I both know...

FBI Pilot: Okay, wheels up, we are getting agent Ryan to Vegas.

D.B. Russell: I'd figured I'd find you out here. He, you have saved all those men's lives today. Unfortunately the evidence hasn't fared so well, we lost the DNA, prints. All the hardware was incinerated.

D.B. Russell: (No reaction from Avery, so DB continues while mimicking Avery's voice): Oh, is that right, D.B.?

D.B. Russell: Well, yes Avery it is.

D.B. Russell: So, this is goodbye I guess

Avery Ryan: For now.

D.B. Russell: Where you're off to?

Avery Ryan: Bank robbery, Pittsburgh

D.B. Russell: How much?

Avery Ryan: 3 cents

D.B. Russell: Oh, give me a break! Talk to me. How much?

Avery Ryan: Three copper pennies from 80 million checking accounts! 2.4 million a week makes for one hell of a heist. Check your bank statements.

D.B. Russell: No kidding! And they say there is no such thing as the perfect crime!

Avery Ryan: It's not the perfect crime. It's cybercrime!


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