Killer Moves

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Killer Moves
WriterMary Leah Sutton
DirectorAlec Smight
Original AirdateMarch 5, 2014

Killer Moves is the sixteenth episode of the fourteenth season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. It originally aired on March 5, 2014.

CSI searches for a killer whose victims and locations resemble moves on a chess board, and Greg is forced to turn to an old mentor to search for clues about the next victims.


The CSIs investigate the murder of an Elvis impersonator and a bird that have a bizarre connection.

Plot Summary Edit

Gifted former chess-player Greg soon realizes seemingly unrelated murders refer, by means and position, to chess pieces and moves. That applies also to previous murders in cities where Jenny Carroll's traveling chess demonstration tournament, presently in Vegas, came before. Greg's former mentor points out the serial killer has been repeating the moves of tournament star Karl Schrute against once national champion Troy Parker, who left public life after that very humiliating defeat. Ex-con chess-obsessed Troy-fan Lee Crosby not only has an alibi, the next murders and diverting moves require rethinking the plot.

Goofs Edit

  • When Nick puts the article about Troy Parker down on the table in the investigation room, a reading of the article reveals that Karl Schrute's last name is referenced twice, but the second time, it is incorrectly spelled 'Schute'.
  • When the Osterlitz Endgame is being explained to Nick, the full view of the board shows a pawn on the C5-square behind the tipped pawn on the C6 square. In the next shot, which is a closeup of that area of the board, the C5 pawn has vanished.
  • When Greg is explaining the Osterlitz Endgame to Nick, he points out a supposed two-move checkmate starting by sacrificing the pawn on the C6 square to the king on D7. The checkmate can actually be accomplished in one move by promoting the pawn on E7 to a queen.
  • When D.B. executes a queen-side castle playing chess, he moves his king only one space. In a castle, the king always moves two spaces.
  • When Greg explains the queen-side castle to Sara he says (as with the animation): "Now there is a chess move known as castling, in which the player moves two pieces at the same time: the rook from its original position to D1 and the King from E1 to C1." However the official chess rules states that one should first move the King 2 places then the rook, this to avoid confusion with a normal move of the rook.


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