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Kill Screen
CSI NY - Kill Screen
WriterTim Dragga,
Adam Scott Weissman
DirectorAllison Liddi-Brown
Original AirdateApril 6, 2012
Previous Episode: Flash Pop
Next Episode: Sláinte

Kill Screen is the fifteenth episode in the eighth season of CSI: NY.


A process server is killed, and the team finds out he treats his job just like a video game of track and complete missions. The murderer is linked to competitive video games in a tournament.

Plot Edit

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Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Christopher Carley as Mitch Johnson
  • Matt Jones as Steve Blanton
  • Dov Tiefenbach as Walter Danzig
  • Becky O'Donohue as Vera Channing
  • Blake Gibbons as Darren Gorland
  • Sarah Adina as Gears Girl
  • Elisha Yaffe as Master Chief
  • Aimee Parker as Female Suit
  • Creagen Dow as Costumed Gear Soldier
  • Jesiree Dizon as Booth Babe

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