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Minor Character: Miami
Kathleen Newberry
Name Kathleen Newberry
Gender Female
Birth Date December 5, 1974
Family Mike Newberry (ex-husband; incarcerated)
Unnamed son
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Lisa Sheridan
First Appearance Dangerous Son

Kathleen Newberry was the wife of a former prison guard, Mike Newberry. She was portrayed by Lisa Sheridan in three episodes of season six of CSI: Miami.

Season Six

Dangerous Son

Kathleen was kidnapped from her home by Kyle Harmon. He was bribed by Rick Bates to take her to an unknown location to threaten her husband to pay up the money he owed Rick. Horatio Caine and his team managed to find Kathleen and get her to a hospital to treat her broken ankle.

Raising Caine

Later, she was about to testify when Julia Winston, Kyle's mother, had her assistant, Pamela, bribe Kathleen with a million dollars to leave and start a fresh life. With a divorce she can't afford and bills she couldn't pay, it didn't take much to persuade her to leave the city of Miami behind.


However, her body was discovered in her car, which had been pushed into a lake, with her hands taped to the steering wheel. It is later revealed that Ron Saris, Julia's soon to be husband, was the one to subdue Kathleen with chloroform in a gas station bathroom and duct tape her to the steering wheel, before pushing her car into the water where she drowned.


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