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Justice is Served
WriterJerry Stahl
DirectorThomas J. Wright
Original AirdateApril 26, 2001
Previous Episode: Sounds of Silence
Next Episode: Evaluation Day

Justice is Served is the twenty-first episode in season one of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Grissom, Warrick and Nick investigate a jogger who was killed by a vicious dog in the park. The case gets complicated when they discover that the jogger's liver was surgically removed after he was killed. Meanwhile Catherine and Sara investigate the death of a six year old girl at a carnival ride, which gets Catherine emotionally involved.


When a jogger is found mauled in a park, Grissom, Warrick and Nick suspect a vicious dog, but soon find out that the truth is much more sinister: a nutrition, Dr. Susan Hillridge has been murdering and removing the organs of her victims. After drying the organs, she grinds them and mixes the powder into protein shakes and drinks as a treatment for her porphyria.

Meanwhile, Catherine and Sara investigate the death of a young girl at a carnival, and Catherine gets emotionally involved. The mother pushed the young girl out of the cart in the funhouse, and drowned her. The episode ended with Catherine driving to District Engineer Paul Newsome's house (whom she met and worked with in the previous episode $35K O.B.O.) and kissing him after entering.

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  • Catherine claims that the mother of the victim lied because she moved her eyes to the left when answering her question. The theory is, in fact, that a person would be telling the truth because they are accessing auditory/visually remembered event. This is correctly explained in the 1998 movie The Negotiator.

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