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|birth date=
|birth date=
|family=Unnamed Mother (Deceased)<br>
|family=Unnamed Mother (Deceased)<br>[[Kyle Harmon]] (Son)<br>[[Ron Saris]] (Ex-Husband)
[[Kyle Harmon]] (Son)<br>
[[Ron Saris]] (Ex-Husband)<br>
[[Horatio Caine]] (Ex-Boyfriend)
|occupation=Real Estate Developer
|occupation=Real Estate Developer
|status= Institutionalized
|status= Institutionalized

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Minor Character: Miami
Julia Eberly
Name Julia Eberly Winston
Gender Female
Family Unnamed Mother (Deceased)
Kyle Harmon (Son)
Ron Saris (Ex-Husband)
Occupation Real Estate Developer
Status Institutionalized
Portrayed By Elizabeth Berkley
First Appearance Raising Caine

Julia Winston is Horatio's ex-girlfriend and Kyle Harmon's mother who reappears during the murder investigation of her current husband. With her husband Bill Winston dead, Julia came to serve as the show's antagonist, but it was also shown she is being forced into some evil actions by a psychotic ex-lover, Ron Saris.

He marries Julia in "Going Ballistic." She is one of the prime suspects in the shooting of Horatio and has proven to be a conflicted and mysterious woman. In Season Seven's episode "Bombshell" it is revealed she suffers from Bipolar disorder but had stopped taking her medication for it at Ron's urging. In Season 7 "Dissolved" she is put in a mental hospital after she shoots up the morgue demanding that Kyle comes with her.

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