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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Joe Hirschoff
Name Joe Hirschoff
Gender Male
Family Robert O'Brien (ex-partner; deceased)
Robert's brother (partner)
CityLas Vegas
Occupation Contractor
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Kevin Rahm
First Appearance Built to Kill, Part 1
Joe Hirschoff was a contractor, business designer and murderer that appeared during season seven of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Season Seven Edit

Built to Kill, Part 1 Edit

Joe's business partner, Robert O'Brien, had committed suicide with Joe's revolver and was Joe was brought in to be interrogated about it by Brass, before asking for his lawyer. Later, he signs for Robert's personal effects and Sara discovers he is wearing an identical ring as Robert's. At a club, he and Robert's brother kidnap Catherine and leave her at a hotel.

Built to Kill, Part 2 Edit

After taking a photo of Catherine, Joe and Robert's brother crash into her car and kidnap Lindsey. They hold her hostage and threaten to kill her unless Braun gave them the $20 million that he had originally stolen from them.

The CSI team manage to locate Lindsay and rescue her using evidence that they found. Later, while Catherine and Sam talk, Joe calmly walks behind Sam, pulls out a gun and fires two shots at Sam, killing him. As Joe attempts to run away, Sam's bodyguard fires three shots in Joe's back, killing him.

Known VictimsEdit

Appearances Edit

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