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|image = File:Jerrod.png
|image = File:Jerrod.png
|gender = Male
|gender = Male
|occupation = Theif<br>Drug Dealer<br>Murderer
|occupation = Thief<br>Drug Dealer<br>Murderer
|actor = Garland Whitt
|actor = Garland Whitt
|appearance = [[Pilot]]}}
|appearance = [[Pilot]]}}

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Minor Character: Las Vegas
Name Jerrod Cooper
Gender Male
CityLas Vegas
Occupation Thief
Drug Dealer
Portrayed By Garland Whitt
First Appearance Pilot

Jerrod Cooper was a criminal and drug dealer, who was the murderer of CSI Holly Gribbs.


Little is known of Jerrod's background however it is known that he was a notorious drug dealer on the streets of Las Vegas.

Season One

After conducting a robbery at a lone home, he returned to the crime scene in hopes of cleaning it and getting rid of any evidence connecting him to the crime, only to find Holly there.The two eventually struggled with Holly using some moves to weaken Cooper but Cooper grabbed her gun and shot her with it, presumbly fatally injuring her.

However, Holly managed to get his DNA under her fingernails and also keep his pager at the crime scene which later helped Catherine Willows in her investigation.Cooper was soon found at the Three Aces Motel, arrested, taken into custody and then presumbly jailed for his crimes.

Known Victims

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