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WriterAndrew Lipsitz
DirectorJonathan Glassman
Original AirdateNovember 30, 2005
Previous Episode: City of the Dolls
Next Episode: Trapped

Jamalot is the tenth episode of season two of CSI: NY.


When a game between rival teams, the Manhattan Minx and Brooklyn Clobbers, ends in the murder of the premier skater in the league, the CSIs must discover if her murder was an act of jealousy from one of her teammates or if she was killed by an opposing skater because of her competitive edge. Meanwhile, Danny and Sheldon investigate the death of a gifted writer who is found with the final chapter of his latest novel written on his entire body, leading them to believe that their suspect likely suffers from hypergraphia. Mia Sara guest stars as Cala Winger, victim Griffin Holden's book editor, who reports him missing and seems more concerned with the missing chapter from his manuscript than with his death.

Plot Edit

Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Robert Joy as Dr. Sid Hammerback
  • Mia Sara as Cala Winger
  • Noa Tishby as Polly Part'em
  • Emma Bates as Birdy of Prey
  • Robert Mailhouse as Stan Vonner
  • Shawn Christian as Coach Ryan Chisholm
  • Eric Lange as Simon Winger
  • Jenna Gering as Layla Vonner
  • David Starzyk as Charles Holden
  • Derek Hughes as John
  • Cameron Goodman as She Hate Me/Rose Wilson
  • Matthew Frauman as Eddie Jones
  • Tony Pasqualini as Dr. Brandon Hardy
  • Shanti Wintergate as Hallie On Wheels
  • Joshua Dov as Griffin Holden

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