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Minor Character: Miami
Ivan Sarnoff
Name Ivan Sarnoff
Gender Male
Occupation Russian Mob Boss
Fight Club Owner
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Andrew Divoff
First Appearance Raging Cannibal

Ivan Sarnoff is a Russian mob boss who appeared in season 7 of CSI: Miami. He is also Horatio's personal nemesis during this time.

Season SevenEdit

Raging Cannibal Edit

Ivan Sarnoff is first introduced as a suspect in the murders of three men connected to him and his club. For the first two murders the CSIs are working on they arrest his associate Greg Donner after he is confirmed to have been the one who killed Vince Koslov after Vince killed Andrew Brodsky. The evidence suggests that Ivan ordered the hits but Greg refuses to roll on his boss and he is arrested. When they find the body of Nathan Madden they also find Sarnoff’s fingerprint on his body and realize he killed him. Sarnoff however provides them the "real killer" Jason Weller and his testimony supposedly confirms it. Before leaving the police station Horatio confronts Ivan and claims he is going to get him.

And They’re Offed Edit

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Target Specific Edit

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Wolfe in Sheep's Clothing Edit

He later attempted to have Andrei force Ryan to cover up the murder of Ian Warner through kidnapping Billy Gantry, Mark's son. This however fails as both killers are arrested for the murder and Andrei is killed by Horatio when he tries to kill Billy.

Seeing Red Edit

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Known Victims Edit

  • October 13, 2008: Nathan Madden (beaten to death)
  • May 18, 2009:
    • Gregor Kasparov (beaten within an inch of his life; later committed suicide to save himself the pain)
    • Yelina Salas (kidnapped and presumably attempted to kill, was rescued)

Victims by ProxyEdit

  • October 13, 2008:
    • Andrew Brodsky (carotid ripped out with Vince Koslov’s teeth on Sarnoff’s orders)
    • Vince Koslov (stabbed three times in the chest by Greg Donner)
  • 2009:
    • January 19: Mark Gantry (sent Nicholas Brink to intimidate him; was rescued)
    • March 23: Sergei Patrenko (shot once in the head on Sarnoff’s orders)
    • March 24:
      • Ryan Wolfe (kidnapped and tortured by Andrei)
      • Billy Gantry (kidnapped by Andrei and later attempted to kill; was rescued)
      • Ian Warner (shot once in the chest by Cynthia Lang)

Known Accomplices Edit

Russian gangsters Edit

  • Jason Weller (extreme fighter/enforcer)
  • Andrew Brodsky (extreme fighter/thief)
  • Vincent "Vince" Koslov (extreme fighter/assassin)
  • Greg Donner (assassin)
  • Nicholas Brink (enforcer)
  • Gregor Kasparov (Sarnoff's second-in-command)
  • Sergei Patrenko (thief)
  • Cameron West (photographer)
  • Tony Ramirez (horse trainer)
  • Andrei (enforcer)
  • Jim Colton (thief)
  • Cynthia Lang (assassin)
  • Peter Morenko (manager of Sarnoff's gym)

Blackmail victimsEdit

  • Mark Gantry (blackmailed to drug horses and fix races)
  • Ryan Wolfe (blackmailed him to cover up a murder)


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