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WriterAnthony E. Zuiker
DirectorLouis Shaw Milito
Original AirdateSeptember 27, 2015
Previous Episode: The End Game

Immortality is a 2015 television movie and the series finale of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. This series was originally aired from CBS on September 27, 2015.

Synopsis Edit

The team is called together when a bomber terrifies Las Vegas. The CSI's have to work quickly to determine who is behind it all, and Lady Heather is their prime suspect.

Plot Edit

When a suicide bomber detonates his vest on the floor of the Catherine Willows-owned Eclipse casino, the FBI Special Agent returns from Los Angeles in order to join the investigation. Gil Grissom, meanwhile, working to preserve sharks in international waters, is arrested for trespassing at the Port of San Diego, and D.B. Russell offers Sara Sidle the chance to supervise the local investigation into the bombing. Sidle, who is vying for the position of Director of the Las Vegas Crime Lab, is initially irked when Sheriff Conrad Ecklie inquires as to Grissom's location when Lady Heather Kessler is linked to the crime. Ecklie ensures Grissom is released from custody, and he and Willows, alongside Eclipse security officer Jim Brass, assist in locating the suspect.

As the team works to restore safety to the streets of Las Vegas, D.B. decides it is time for him to "head East" and pursue new challenges, while he places a plaque, dedicated to the memory of Julie Finlay, alongside his personal possessions. Catherine expresses an interest in leaving the FBI and working alongside her daughter Lindsey in the Las Vegas Crime Lab, noting that, should Sara reject the promotion she is going to be offered, Catherine will accept it in lieu of her former colleague. The series ends with the newly promoted Sara, upon hearing a recording of Grissom confessing his love for her, sailing from the Port of San Diego with Grissom.

Final Cast Edit

Main Cast Edit

Recurring Cast Edit

Guest Cast Edit

  • Doug Hutchison as Dalton Betton
  • Michael Beach as SD Harbor Patrol Scinta
  • Breeda Wool as Rebecca O'Bryan
  • Alexandra Barreto as Romina Gonzalez
  • Jason Gerhardt as Anthony Hurst
  • Yasmine Aker as Aisha Karmimi
  • Paul Bartholomew as Parent
  • Morgan Bastin as Maria Gonzalez
  • Ariana Devitta as Helena Gonzalez
  • Rick Kelly as Mr. Karmimi

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The DVD was release as CSI: The Finale on December 15, 2015.

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