Hunting Ground

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Hunting Ground
Hunting Ground
WriterAdam Rodriguez
DirectorAdam Rodriguez
Original AirdateMarch 13, 2011
Previous Episode: Blood Lust
Next Episode: Special Delivery

Hunting Ground is the sixteenth episode of Season 9 of CSI Miami.


When a man is shot and killed by a bow and arrow, Horatio goes against the clock to solve the case involving an exclusive hunting club that hunts humans for sport.


Main CastEdit

Recurring RolesEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Jamie Hector as Jean Guiton
  • Ronald Auguste as Henri Guiton
  • Eddie Jemison as Arnold Watkins
  • Omar Avila as Enrique
  • Neil Hopkins as Steve Raymer
  • Chelcie Ross as Wesley Habeck
  • Oscar Torre as Javier Lopez
  • Kevin E. West as Bill Jackson
  • Richard Wharton as Alligator Pete
  • Kattia Ortiz as Maria
  • Joe Ordaz as Guard
  • Samantha Tiano as Liliana


(Talking about all the evidence Travers has processed)
Travers: We have a leech even.
Natalia: We've had our share of those today.
Travers: (amused): I heard one attached itself to Ryan.
Natalia: He's a very likeable guy.


  • The storyline is similar to The Most Dangerous Game, Richard Connell, where a hunter, shipwrecked on a "deserted" island, is hunted himself.
  • This episode was written and directed by Adam Rodriguez, is the first time a cast member directs and writes an episode at the same time.

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