House of Hoarders

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House of Hoarders
House of Hoarders
WriterChristopher Barbour
DirectorAlec Smight
Original AirdateOctober 21, 2010

House of Hoarders is the fifth episode of the eleventh season of CSI:Crime Scene Investigation.


The CSIs visit a hoarder's house, where they find more than one body. The case seems pretty straightforward however when more bodies keep appearing and the hoarder's daughter is found chained up, the case becomes a lot more complicated.

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest-Starring Cast

  • Annie Wersching as Dr. Priscilla Prescott
  • Bertila Damas as Marta Santiago
  • Ramon De Ocampo as Julian Santiago
  • Georgie Flores as Alisa Santiago
  • Hugh Douglas as Matthew Price (uncredited)


  • It is said that the victims died of arsenic poisoning, and eventually the source of the arsenic was found in the house. However, on the cans of the poison it says "brodifacoum". Brodifacoum is an organic compound devoid of arsenic, related to naturally occouring courmarin and its semi-synthetic derivaritives like warfarin, which are more or less potent anticoagulants. Arsenic is a metalloid element that can be found in elemental form, alloys, and organic or inorganic compounds, in a variety of industries and uses, and its main mode of causing poisoning in the body is inhibition of ATP synthesis.


Sara: Sometimes when we're faced with crimes that are so...incomprehensible we want answers. We want to believe that there's some order to things. Sometimes there just isn't.

Nick (while at the hoarder's house): How could someone live like this?
Sara: Well, it smells more like somebody died like this.

Nick (to Sara): You know, I almost threw out something Grissom gave me. Ah, yeah. Blue marble.
Sara: Oh.
Nick: You know what he said when he gave that to me?
Sara: Something profound, I'm sure.
Nick: He said, "Nicky, if life ever gets crazy..."
Sara: "...roll with it." He gave me the same marble. (they both laugh) You should hold onto that.

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