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WriterSarah Goldfinger,
Naren Shankar
DirectorKenneth Fink
Original AirdateOctober 9, 2003
Previous Episode: All For Our Country
Next Episode: Feeling the Heat

Homebodies is the third episode in season four of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.


Grissom and Warrick investigate when the mummified remains of an old woman are found in a closet. This case soon turns out to be connected to Sara and Nick's case: a breaking and entering that involved the rape of a teenage girl. Meanwhile Catherine tries to connect a weapon found in a backyard to a murder that took place on the other side of town.


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Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Paul Francis as Rich
  • Romy Rosemont as Jacqui Franco
  • Skip O'Brien as Detective Ray O'Riley
  • David Berman as David Phillips
  • Stephen Root as Michael Kirkwood
  • Jeanette Brox as Suzanna Kirkwood
  • M.C. Gainey as Frank Maddox
  • Vince Vieluf as Connor Foster
  • Thomas Wilson Brown as Steve Jansson
  • Ron Melendez as Ryan
  • Zachary Throne as Balloon Vendor
  • Noah Segan as Kelly James
  • Candace Edwards as Medical Examiner
  • Mia Wesley as Emily Timmel
  • Lois Hall as Madeline Foster
  • Francis Capra as Tough Punk
  • Bill Jacobson as Deputy Irons
  • Brandon Kirsch as Officer Almada
  • Keith Pillow as Public Defender
  • Christine Romeo as Linda Kirkwood
  • Barry Sigismondi as Uniform Cop #1
  • Ross Simanteris as Nathan Timmel
  • Tom Towles as Zeke (uncredited)
  • Rhys Coiro (uncredited)

Major Events

  • This episode marks the final appearance of Detective Ray O'Riley. It is revealed in 'The Fallen' that Detective Ray O'Riley died off-screen sometime in 2003.


  • I Went to the Villa by Simon J. Hunter.
  • I Know You Are But What Am I? by Mogwai.

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